RENDER Toolkit for Knowledge Diversity in Wikipedia




Hi and welcome to the RENDER Toolkit Page!

Here you can test and play with different tools. These are developed in the context of the research project RENDER (Reflecting Knowledge Diversity). In this project, Wikimedia Deutschland is a use case partner.
The tools provide an insight into the different analyses of diversity in Wikipedia, which are implemented within the project. For more Information about the project, please visit RENDER on Meta-Wiki or the project website.

The whole toolkit as well as the tools are in a continuous process of development. We are looking forward to suggestions, feedback or ideas on the discussion page concerning RENDER on Meta-Wiki or by email.

RENDER is funded by

All data used on this page originate from the Wikipedia project of the Wikimedia Foundation.
Unless otherwise stated, all data on this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike License 3.0

The source code of these tools is, unless stated otherwise, licensed under GNU General Public License v3